The problem of keeping a blog as expert consultant

I have realized that there are may ways to keep a blog.

One goal is to write something everyday regardless of whether you have anything to say or not. That is not the path i I like to choose.
So I like to turn here and write about things that;

  1. i find interesting,
  2. i think someone else might have interest in, and;
  3. does not violate reasonable confidentiality agreements with my customers.

Unfortunately the third is quite a limiting factor. Sometimes the most interesting things at hand I would like to write about is something that my customers do not wish to have published on my blog. And that is something I have to respect.

I see colleagues of mine running blogs, periodically posting a message making excuses for not posting enough material on their blog. But that is a form of bad consciousness that is largely unmotivated. It would be understandable if blogs worked like a place people frequently drops in to read your latest news, and some places probably works that way. In that environment it is natural to feel that you have to at least give something to those taking a daily visit at your blog, or else they would loose interest.

But the beauty of this blog technology is that we have RSS feeds. And I feel confident that whoever reads the stuff I post here, utilise that technology to see in whatever client they use, to see if I have a new post here or not.

So after thinking hard about different approaches, I have decided that I will be the occasional blogger without bad consciousness without diluting the content with random stuff. I’ll hope you keep you RSS feed here and that you will find my occasional posts interesting.

If you are running your own blogs and have faced the same problems as I have, please make a comment here. It would be fun to read your thoughts.