IETF agrees to develop Visual eID standard

The PKIX group of the Internet Engineering Task Force has decided to adopt the work item to develop a standard for visual representation of e-identification certificates.

The PKIX group accepted the draft proposed by the
Visual eID project as starting point for the standards work.
The current PKIX draft can be found
here.

Support the Visual eID work in PKIX

The current status of the Visual eID standardisation process is for IETF to accept this work as part of its agenda.

The Visual eID standard has been proposed to be added to the PKIX WG agenda and its acceptance is currently up for open discussion.
The draft standard under discussion is found at:

You can influence the decision in the IETF/PKIX and take part in the development discussion by posting your view at the PKIX mailing list. This list is open for anyone who wishes to attend.

To subscribe to the PKIX mailing list send an e-mail to:
In the body of the e-mail enter “subscribe”

To support this work being adopted as a PKIX work item, send a mail to the PKIX mailing list:

The following message can be used:
“I support adoption of draft-santesson-pkix-certimage-00 as PKIX work item”

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SHA-1 taking a significant hit

SHA-1 has taken a significant hit.
Recent presentation at the EuroCrypt rump session suggest that the problem to find SHA-1 collision is reduced to 2^52.
This is a significant reduction from the previously known best path with complexity 2^63.

For details, see: