FIrst visual eID draft posted

The first IETF draft is posted:

The first draft is a result from an initial design process within the editorial team as well as discussions with partners and members of the CA Browser Forum.
This draft will initiate discussion in the PKIX WG whether to accept this as an adopted work item.

Scalable Image Formats

In the discussions concerning a visual image of an identity certificate, the image format of choice is a hot topic.

The issuer of the certificate knows what the image should look like but don’t know the type, size and resolution of the screen where it will be displayed. Therefore, what we need is a scalable image format that can render text and graphical elements.

Choosing one image format has however turned out to be a bit problematic.

Visual eID Problem Statement posted

Based on input and discussions around the Visual eID project, I have written a problem statement which will be a living document for the project.
This document attempts to capture on a few pages, the basic problems and scenarios as well as the main reasons why this work is needed.

This living document is available

Comments and inputs are highly appreciated.

Visual eID submitted to ISSE 2009

The visual eID standards effort has been submitted to the Information Security Solutions Europe conference in Hague, October 2009.
The submitted abstract below provide some basic rationales and orientation:

Since the EU directive on electronic signatures was published in 1999, national certification authorities have issued millions of certificates and qualified certificate. But have you actually seen one?

It is a paradox, considering that development of standards for electronic identification using Public Key Cryptography has been going on for a bit over 20 years by now, that we still have no generic solution or standard for how to display a certificate based identity to a human being.