Events in March - ETSI ESI#23 and IETF 74

I’m participating in two upcoming standards conferences in March.

The ETSI Electronic Signature Initiative (ESI) is having it’s meeting #23 in Barcelona, March 17-18
Highlights on the agenda are:
  • XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES)
  • PDF Advanced Electronic Signature Profiles
  • Harmonisation of Registered E- Mail Format and Policy
  • Long-term signature certificate verification and certification path building and verification
  • Policy requirements for certification authorities issuing public key certificates

The Internet Engineering Task Force is holding the IETF 74 meeting in San Francisco, March 22-27 - 2009
I’m participating as chairman for the PKIX Working Group, but I will also attend most other security sessions such as TLS, Kerberos, EMU, NEA, dkim, hokey, ipsecme, the Security Area Adivisory Group meeting and the Security Area Directorate meeting.

I will post selective information about these meetings in this blog