The PKIX group of the Internet Engineering Task Force has decided to adopt the work item to develop a standard for visual representation of e-identification certificates.

The PKIX group accepted the draft proposed by the Visual eID project as starting point for the standards work.
The current PKIX draft can be found here.



The first IETF draft is posted:

The first draft is a result from an initial design process within the editorial team as well as discussions with partners and members of the CA Browser Forum.
This draft will initiate discussion in the PKIX WG whether to accept this as an adopted work item.



Visual eID submitted as talk to the Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE 2009) conference.
Presentation abstract.



During IETF 74 in San Francisco we managed to form a really strong editorial team for the new visual eID standard.
The editorial team will be:

Stefan Santesson, 3xA Security
Lead editor as initiator and driver of this standards effort.
Russ Housley, Vigil SecurityRuss is chairman of the Internet Engineering Task Force and was also co-editor of the original standard RFC 3709 on which this standards effort is based.
Siddharth Bajaj, VeriSignVeriSign as the world leading provider of public certificates for web servers has been actively promoting a better UI experience for certificate based identification and authorisation. Siddharth has been actively involved with these efforts for almost a decade.
Leonard Rosenthol, AdobeThis standards effort was made possible much thanks to the standardisation of PDF in 2008. Leonard is the standards architect behind the development of an ETSI standard for PDF based Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES).

The work to write this standard will start immediately and a first draft will be published soon, no later than end of April.



This project was presented at the IETF 74 meeting in San Francisco in the PKIX work group.
The presentation can be found here.


This blog discussion discuss some additional background information to the project