Free download of the Nroff ID Editor

Current version 2.08
Released May 23, 2011

Author: Stefan Santesson, 3xA Security

This application can be freely distributed. Send any comments, suggestions or bug reports to

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


NroffEdit for Windows

Download (zip file)

The application for Windows is provided as a .jar file and requires Java VM 1.6 to run (Java Virtual Machine can be downloaded from
Copy the NroffEdit folder in the zip file to any suitable place of your choice on your hard drive. NroffEdit is launched by double clicking the NroffEdit.jar file in the NroffEdit folder.

Please consult README.TXT for more information.

NroffEdit for Mac

Download (zip file)

The application for Mac is provided as an App file that you simply drag to your applications folder.

Please consult README.TXT for further information.

Other OS

For any other OS you can execute the jar version for Windows using the standard Java look and feel.


To just download and examine the latest empty.nroff file without downloading the whole application, click here.

Major version release notes

For detailed information about latest update go

Version 2.0 Adds a whole range on new features compared with previous versions. Most important is the new integration with the IETF tools on-line diff service. NroffEdit now allows draft editors to check their drafts on the click of a single button against the latest published draft related to the document being edited. This also includes fully configurable FTP settings for publishing permanent URLs to diffs related to ongoing work for distribution on working group mailing lists etc.

Other important new features are:

  • Added support for the IETF reference library for automatic generation of reference text. This function is featured in the new empty.nroff template file. NroffEdit will build a complete reference list from a list of RFC numbers entered in a commented command line.
  • Automatic version detection (can be turned off) which informs about version updates
  • Update function for automatic download of latest RFC library and latest boilerplate files
  • An RFC reference search dialogue
  • Font style and size selection is added to the editing experience
  • Text styling of the converted text, including a warning if lines exceed 72 characters (marked in red).
  • Bug fixes in the Text to Nroff conversion algorithm
  • Bug fixes and upgrades to the functions of the page view window.

Version 2.01 provides some essential bug fixes to 2.0